Why I started Rise Up! Balloon Decor & Creations

 The path to becoming a balloon artist happened organically and unexpectedly.  I was raised in Texas with female figures who worked with their hands and made everything homemade.  We planned a big family gathering for every holiday cooking, sewing, quilting, canning, crafting, baking, etc. You could say my mom and I were event planners for our family.  

I graduated from The University of Texas in Austin.   I became an Elementary school teacher which also ignited my creativity with crafts.  With help from a friend, I made my first balloon arch for my son’s Veteran’s Day program.  The next thing I know, people were asking me to make balloon sculptures for school dances, book fairs and Project Graduation.  

On July 10, 2019, Rise Up! Balloon Décor & Creations was born.  The meaning of “Rise Up” has several meanings for me: religious, getting back up when you are down, starting my first business at 50 years old, female entrepreneurship & of course Hamilton, the musical. 

My logo inspiration was hanging on my wall for a long time.  My mom painted us homemade Valentine’s Day cards.  This one kept pulling at my heartstrings, I just knew I needed this in my logo. I imagined it floating like a balloon.  Katie Richerson with Honestly Katie & Co. made it a reality!

My grandma, mother, fellow teachers, friends, husband, and my boys made this all possible.  It was a journey I was on and did not even know it.

I have always loved planning parties, working with my hands, decorating, giving to others and volunteering.  This is a perfect business for me.


The Areas I serve

I serve Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, North Austin, Liberty Hill, Florence, Salado & the surrounding areas.

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